Corporate Profile

CLLS was established in Singapore in 1959 to distribute Yanmar diesel engines in Malaysia and Singapore. A sales office was setup in Kuala Lumpur the following year. Yanmar engines captured a major market share very quickly. This set the stage for the company to forge new business relationships with a whole generation of Japanese manufacturers targeting a rapidly industrialising East Asia.

CLLS now supplies more than 500 products across East Asia for more than 30 Japanese, Korean, American and European brand names. The CLLS Group is principally engaged in the import, sales, marketing, value-adding, export and distribution of a comprehensive range of products.CLLS carries out comprehensive after sales service and parts supply for it complete range of products. We also service the marine, industrial products, power generation, construction and shipping industries.

From our headquarters in Singapore – one of the most efficient distribution centres in the world – we service customers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines. This is an ever expanding network, as we explore opportunities in China and other emerging East Asian economies.


Careful management of information – monitoring and controlling our inventory and sales – is key to the professionalism of our services.

It also ensures our profitability, enabling us to balance quick turn around of inventory with sufficient stocks to give customers prompt service. We monitor sales by profitability, location and budget.

We have in place an integrated and computerized system that provides operational information at the touch of a button.



CLLS will foster a highly competitive and effective workforce based on the principle of recognizing the value of entrepreneurship, hard work, commitment to customers’ needs and the potential for individuals to make a difference through their contribution.


CLLS will create a environment where individuals can excel and takes pride in its discipline, integrity and achievement.


CLLS will continue to promote creativity and innovation as an investment towards the future.


CLLS sales are carried out in the form of project contracts, dealership sales, distributorship and after-sales services.

Principals come to us because of our extensive customer network in key industries. This network is a result of a very Asian approach to relationships with customers. We look after the interests of our customers, providing flexibility to meet their individual needs.

As an indication of the success of this approach, many of our customer relationships stretch back decades. These are relationships which have been mutually beneficial – because our customers’ success is our success.